Full name: Karolina Ezerskyte
Age: 23
Date of birth: 29th July 1994
Nationality: Lithuanian

My life story is pretty boring. But I should start anyway, isn't it? I was born and raised in Lithuania- small town called Tytuvenai. I can bet even Lithuanians they don't know where is it... Well, at least most of them... Haha. While I was in school I came to London for summer with my cousin. The main reason was nothing else just to earn some money. And I did it. Not much of course because I was barely speaking English and without any experience but it was enough for me to buy everything what I needed at the time. And I fell in love with London. It's such a big city with a lot of opportunities. But summer has ended and I came back to reality. I needed to pass my exams and finish the last year in school.
After a year I moved to Kaunas and started studying Food science and technology. I know it sounds strange but I always loved cooking and my dream was to become a food journalist. Food science and technology was the only option I found to study in Lithuania which was at least a little bit close to my dream. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it at all. After a year of studying I came to London for a summer again. And didn't come back. It will be 3 years I live here.
It was hard from the beginning as it was such a big difference from where I used to live and what I used to do. Also it was a big step to start living by my own because all of my family is back home. I had a lot of challenges, ups and downs but all of that just made me stronger and even more independent. At the moment I don't feel like leaving London but in the future probably yes. My dream is to get my own home and be finally reunited with my cat! Haha.
Talking about the blog...
I was blogging from the school years and had at least 5 different blogs. It's kind of funny to remember now cause I just used to write an online diary about my day and problems at school. Sounds funny but I was enjoying at the time. After I came to London I decided to blog again. But this time I wanted to make it serious. 2015 September 5th I released this blog http://ezerskyte.blogspot.co.uk/. I mostly blog about my lifestyle and beauty products I love. Sometimes when I get creative I post some make-up tutorials. I also love to share bits and pieces while I'm traveling and exploring. It's been hard to find my readers but now I'm happy I have some! Haha. I know it's still very young and small blog but I'm glad I already have a chance to collaborate with few brands which is super exciting. My next goal- to finally start my own Youtube channel. I wanted to do it for ages but I still feel a bit shy and not very comfortable with my English... But hey! This day is coming...
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