Sunday, 29 April 2018

Review: Ocinium Green Tea + Ginseng Facial Oil

Skincare and haircare are things I care the most these days. Good looking fresh skin and healthy hair give me all the confidence I need. So I'm here with another post as I tried another amazing product by Ocinium.
This time I got to try their Green tea and Ginseng facial oil.
Price: $55.00
You can buy it here.
  • Quench’s free radicals and reduce inflammation 
  • Increase adaptation to environmental stressors 
  • Boost circulation and promote detoxification to skin 
  • Strengthen the skin’s barrier against environmental stress 
  • Amplify the skins moisture and lock in hydration 
  • Rejuvenate tired, damaged and sensitive skin
I'm sure everyone knows by this time- I love Ocinium. It became a part of my skincare routine and I cannot imagine not using it anymore. Green tea and ginseng facial oil is super lightweight, rich and hydrating. I love using it every night just before I go to sleep so my skin can absorb it throughout the night. However, I don't use it in the mornings as I already have quite an oily skin so the oil would make me shine even more. To be honest- I still like to apply it if I don't wear make-up on that day haha. Oil gives my skin smoothness and restore elasticity to fatigued and stressed skin. It also gives a radiant skin look which I like. The only thing I am not a big fan of- the smell. It's definitely not bad! Just something I need to get use to because I always prefer sweet scents. Other than that- in love!
Definitely worth buying. Recommend!



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