Thursday, 21 December 2017

Merry and bright w/ 5 seeds cider

It's already that time of the year. Magical.
It's time to stop rushing, calm down, relax and enjoy. It's all about spending time with people you love. Sadly, my family is not around this year. They are all enjoying their time back home in Lithuania. However, I'm still surrounded by people I can call my family.
We're all super excited planning our Christmas dinner. As it is really hot here in Australia- drinks are really important. I'm gonna be in charge of the cocktails. One of the drinks I will be making this Christmas is super-easy-to-make apple cider floats. You will need only 3 ingredients: apple cider, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and a fruit of your choice.
Cider I use is 5 seed cider from their sugar free range- find it here
I top it up with whipped cream and half passion fruit. It tastes amazing if you add some ice cream as well. (That's my plan for this Christmas)
Hope you enjoy your time. Remember, it's magical.


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