Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The dreamiest brunch of my life

I cannot imagine my life without brunching anymore. It's the best way to spend Sunday or any other day of the week. Last Sunday was quite dark here in Australia- raining all day. I thought that was a perfect time to brunch and try another place.
This time we (me and couple of friends of mine) tried cafe called Devon in Surry Hills. I've chosen to go for Eggs Blini which includes buckwheat blini, poached eggs, citrus cured king salmon, salmon caviar, broccolini and maltaise sauce. I also had to have an avocado on the side cause brunch without an avocado is not a brunch haha. Without a lie, that was the best brunch ever and I cannot wait to come back. I also feel quite confident to try and make some of these blini myself at home. If all goes right, I'll share the recipe here on my blog so you guys are able to taste it all over the world. :)
If you're wondering about my outfit:
Cami- Seed
Blaser- Zara
See you soon,

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