Sunday, 27 August 2017

Come to Glebe markets with me

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to my blog. It's been a long time I posted something different on my blog and finally the day has come. The idea of this blog is to share my lifestyle which includes everything I like and love doing. So from now on you will see many more posts related to that. Let me know if you enjoy reading that :)
Last Saturday morning I spent a bit different. I didn't lay in bed all morning as usual haha. Me and my friends are looking for a flat to move in, so we went to check few apartments. Glebe markets were close by and we just couldn't walk away without spending few hours in there haha. If you're Lithuanian like me, you probably think this is a market where old ladies sell onions, potatoes and any other vegetables you can imagine. No. That's a place where creative people sell their stuff. You can find there anything from vintage clothes, young designers' pieces, Australian brands, home decor, handmade jewelry to bloggers selling their outfits. I love to have a little walk, take few pictures and get inspired by the vibe you feel as soon as come to the markets. Also, if you feel hungry there is a massive section of food to choose from. And it's not easy to decide, believe me haha.
Sadly, I wasn't allowed to buy much because I'm gonna be moving soon and I already have tons of stuff. But I will be back for sure and take you all with me again- probably will share my haul with you.
For now, please enjoy few pictures of my favourite places I found in the markets!
P.S. As always I was wearing my favourite Daniel Wellington watch. You can still use my code BRONDE to receive 15% off for any watch on Please note that you will receive a complimentary strap when you buy any watch until tomorrow (28th of August)!
Denim skirts to die for...
The best looking stand in the markets! House of Lux has the most beautiful candles and I can already tell that my favourite is Watermelon Lemonade (see picture bellow).
You can find House of Lux on Instagram here and on Facebook here.
 Dreamy vintage table of accessories.
 Avocados for breakfast... I want to live in this t-shirt.
Pom poms!!!
See you soon,

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