Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter day in Brigthon (part one)

There is no better way to relax and spend your free time than traveling. I love traveling so much and it doesn't even matter if it's another country or just another city. So if you think that you need to have a lot of money to do that- you definitely not. Just buy a train/ bus ticket and go to another city to explore. I can't wait to come back to Lithuania and do a lot of tourism! I know, I spent there almost 20 years and didn't see much!
For Easter Sunday me and few of my colleagues decided to visit Brighton. It was my first ever trip in UK outside London. I totally fell in love with this beautiful city. London is such a big, noisy city and there is Brighton- calm and peaceful place by the sea side. Maybe because most of my life I spent in small town in Lithuania- Brighton felt like a place I would love to live one day.
Anyway, it was such a freezing day, even though in pictures it doesn't look like this. Haha. We visited Regency restaurant and of course had some seafood. For the first time in my life I tried oysters and totally fell in love. For the second course I enjoyed Fish (sea-bass) & chips.
My outfit:
Hoodie- Missguided shop it here
Denim jacket- Primark
Trousers- Missguided shop it here
Trainers- Primark
Fishnet socks- Missguided shop it here
Sunglasses- Primark
Bag- Claudia Canova shop it here
Watch- Daniel Wellington shop it here
My new Daniel Wellington watch is babe! I'm so in love and can't stop wearing! If you're interested I have a cheeky little 15% off discount code.Visit and use ITSBRONDE. Happy shopping!
P.S. I know my hair looks disgusting at the moment but it's already in process! Haha.

Hope you had a lovely Easter!


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