Thursday, 30 March 2017

It's all about the details

Spring is definitely one of the most beautiful time of the year. Flowers are blooming and it just reminds us that nature is waking up from the winter sleep. I am like one of these flowers as well. Trying to wake up from a long long "sleep". Haha. To make any outfit special is much easier with jewellery. I got a lot of different pieces from Majique London!
Sun is out and we need to be more productive! Because it's on resolution list for 2017, isn't it? :)

My ring- here
My bracelet- here
Majique London online store here
Majique London instagram here


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Never too many handbags

You can never have too many handbags!... or how many is too many? Personally, I am not a big handbag-holic but I always love to get a new handbag every season. This time I gone for a Zoe bag from Paul's Boutique. I wanted to try something more colorful just to have "stand out" for the outfits but of course... in the end I went for the black one! Just to be on the safe side. Anyway I love it so much and it has blue inside which is still kind of spring/ summer color isn't it? Haha.
You can find the Zoe bag here.
And the Paul's Boutique online store here.


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Easter cupcakes

I am super excited about the spring! It's 7pm and still light outside! Sundays always make me so happy; if weather is nice I try to spend some time outside. Inspired by the blooming flowers and Zoella (of course) I made these delicious cupcakes today.
Idea- here
Recipe- here
Have a lovely Easter!


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Sunny days in London

Days are getting longer and warmer, I can not be more happy about it. Spring is just a magical time of the year. Flowers are blooming and the summer is coming! As it is my last couple of months in London I want to see as much as possible and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. So you will get to see more blogs like this. They are quite pointless but still an amazing memory to save.
Enjoy the spring!


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation

I can't even believe that I manage to finish foundations so quickly! And I am the only one using it, just to be clear... Haha. Anyway, I'm back with another drugstore foundation review.
I'm not sure if I ever tried any of the Rimmel London foundations before but as far as I can remember... this is my first Rimmel foundation. After I finished my Bourjois healthy mix foundation I was looking for something new to try and my eye catched this Rimmel one.
Price: £8.99
About. The main reason why I decided to go for this foundation is because it has tiny little shimmer inside it. It gives you a bit of highlighter effect and catches the light beautifully. And I love it so much. After almost a month of using it I could agree that it gives a healthy and radiant look to your skin as well. But to be honest this look doesn't last too long. After 3-4 hours I can already notice that foundation starts to crease around my nose, under my eyes and on my chin. It also gets really shiny, so if I'm at work I always need to remember to check and apply some powder on the top. If we come back to the positive side- another great thing that it has SPF20 in it, so it helps to protect the face even though it's only the end of the winter. It also gives quite a light/medium coverage but at the same time covers all the redness and spots. Although I still use the concealer.
Color. Ok, so this is the thing you need to be very careful about. As I have pretty light skin at the moment, at the time when I was buying it I didn't really check the color. Usually I just take one of the lightest one they have I can be sure that it's gonna be perfect. This is what I did this time as well. I took the lightest one in the store (100 Ivory) and only after I applied it for the very first time I realised that it's way too dark for me! I mean not like I couldn't wear it... but still a little bit noticeable. So I am not too sure if it's just me couldn't find the right color? Or their foundations are not for the pale skin people? I just checked online and can see that they have one more color before the Ivory- True Nude. But it just looks even darker for me...
Overall. I think the only thing I like about this foundation is the shimmer formula... I'm sure Rimmel has way more better quality products. I would recommend to try it only if you're quite tanned/ have darker skin than me and your skin is not oily. Maybe you'll love it.
Am I going to buy it again? No.
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