Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Review: Bourjois Paris healthy mix serum gel foundation

Happy Valentine's Day babes! Make sure you spend your day with someone you love.
I have another foundation review! I don't know how about you but I'm always hunting for a new foundation. Hopefully it will be helpful for you!
This time I would like to talk about the Bourjois Paris healthy mix serum gel foundation. I feel that this is one of the most trendy foundations in Bourjois line so I needed to try it of course, as I heard a lot of good things about it. I also got recommendation from my friend.
Price: £9.00
About. As you might already know from my social media and my last blog post, my skin is finally in really good condition. Because of this reason recently I started using lighter coverage foundations and can not be more happy. There is no more cakey feeling! This Bourjois foundation in Vanilla 52 isn't the exception. Light coverage gives you semi- matt finish. As my skin is still very oily on the T zone, I was using powder just to make sure I'm ready for the day. This foundation is with vitamin- rich fruits: lychee, goji berries, pomegranate. (All of my favourite fruits at the moment... haha) Some people also say that it smells amazing but to be honest I can't smell anything. Which is probably even better as I am not a big fan of scented make-up. I think the reason why I like this foundation so much is (as I told you before) because it doesn't get cakey throughout the day. Even after 12hrs of wearing it I don't need to worry too much how my face looks like. It obviously disappears a little bit after so many hours but you just need to apply some powder on the top to remove the shine and your face looks glowy again! Love it.
Not sure. There is only one thing I'm not sure about. I noticed that sometimes after applying this foundation and mascara I get some dark marks under my eyes. Can't really tell if it's foundation's or mascara's fault. Or maybe it's just a coincidence.
Overall. I say yes for this foundation! Flawless and glowy look is go-to nowadays. If you're not looking for a full coverage foundation this one is an amazing choice for a good price. I even started to hesitate if I like this one or Chanel Vitalumiere aqua foundation more???
Am I going to buy it again? Yes.
Love you loads,


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  1. If it's even slightly comparable to a Chanel one, it must be good!
    Aleeha xXx


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