Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Face My Story

 (This post is in collaboration with Dermalogica and Preen.Me but all opinions are my own.)
Hi everyone,
Long time no see! Apologies for a long wait. I'm back here with another blog post. I am collaborating with an amazing skincare brand Dermalogica as a part of Preen.me VIP program. In this post I would like to share with you my skin story and experience with my new Dermalogica products.
Face is one of the most important parts of your body. People always will remember your face. Such a big part of our confidence also depends of how happy we are about our face.
When I was growing up I had very problematic skin. From age of 12-13 I started to get spots all over my face and I wasn't able to control my skin anymore. That made me very unconfident person. I wasn't confident with my skin which made me to be not confident of myself. Most of the time instead of going somewhere out I used to choose staying at home. What's the point of going out if I don't want other people to see me anyway?
I didn't use a lot of make up at the time and obviously didn't know how to cover all these spots and redness. After I started using the make up I found out about the make up removing wipes. It was super easy to use that I didn't even think that I could try something else. So I ended up using these wipes for a long time until 2016 when I discovered cleansing balms. If you're reading my blog for a while you already know how much I love the cleansing balm by Emma Hardie. It was my life changer!
My skin is quite sensitive and has oily/ dry parts. As a part of Preen.Me VIP program I went to have my face mapping about 3 weeks ago. Skin therapist divided my skin into 14 different zones and checked inch by inch. I've got my prescription for all the products which are suitable for my skin. I was lucky to choose 4 products I want from my prescription sheet:
1.  Special cleansing gel
2. Multi- active toner
3. Multivitamin thermafoliant
4. Solar defense booster SPF50
I already use all of these products in my skincare routine and I can already say that it makes my skin to look better and better every single day. My biggest discovery is the multi- active toner. Every time I spray it on my face, my skin feels so fresh and glowy! Even though I have make up on my face! I haven't use any toner before and could say that it's a life saver! Haha.
Because every face tells a story.
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