Thursday, 5 January 2017

Review: Loreal nude magique cushion foundation

Happy New Year everyone!
Another foundation review on my blog. I feel like you can't stop trying different foundations until you find your perfect one. And I didn't find yet. So keep trying.
This time I tried and finished the Loreal Nude magique cushion dewy glow foundation. You can find it and buy in "Shop my make-up" category!
Price: £14.99
About. So I don't know if you can remember but the last foundation I was using was my Urban Decay all nighter foundation. (You can read review here) I finished more than half a bottle and my skin felt so sick of it. It gives such a full coverage, my skin gets very dry and at the same time foundation creases so much. After one hour I already want to remove it and can't handle more than half a day with it. So I needed a new foundation asap. I was looking for something much more light and decided to go for this Loreal cushion foundation.
I haven't tried anything like this before and was really excited. Basically in this little pot you just have a cushion full of foundation and the only thing you need to do- tap it with your brush or make up sponge.
I loved it from the first time! And still love it to be honest. It's very light, so probably if you have a bit more problematic skin it's not going to be the right one for you. But if your skin is in a good condition you will definitely love this. It gives very natural, light and dewy look. I also use a bit of the powder on the top, so it's not too shiny as this foundation is not mattifying. The only thing I don't like- how small is the packaging??? I mean it lasted for me maximum two weeks. The last day I just took the sponge out of the pot and taped on my face straight away just to get the last drops.
Overall. It is really good quality foundation but in my opinion it's way too expensive. I mean for the same price you can buy a high-end foundation and use it for 1-2 months instead of buying this every two weeks. But if you're like me and never tried the cushion foundation before- go for this one. You'll love it.
Am I going to buy it again? Maybe.
I hope it was helpful for you!



  1. Shame that it doesn't last for very long as it sounds lovely otherwise! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful start to the year and the first week of 2017 is going well!

    Away From The Blue Blog | 5 Year Blogaversary Giveaway

    1. I know!! It would be perfect!
      Thanks for coming!

  2. I agree, the packaging looks fairly small, nice review!

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  4. I've been eyeing this cushion foundation for a while but the price has always put me off.. I've tried korean cushion foundation (where the cushion foundation trend started) and when I found out L'oreal has their own foundation I wasn't sure whether to try it out cause the korean ones were such good quality and so much cheaper as well (if you don't include shipping costs 🙈). Really great review though :)


    1. I haven't tried the korean one before so this is my first one. I really liked it so maybe I should try some korean! Thanks for the idea Angelica!

  5. Great review! (:
    Nice blog, dear!

  6. "Loving this post, thank you for sharing this!!!
    Hadasah Love ||


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