Thursday, 19 January 2017

5 resolutions for 2017

Hello everyone, I hope your New Year is going well. Can you believe that January is almost over and we are done with 1/12 of the year? Time is just going too quick and we need to make sure that we do everything to make it the best year so far. Before the New Year I made a list of the resolutions I want to achieve in 2017. Even though January almost passed away, I would like to share my 5 resolutions for 2017. More likely I will achieve it, if I say it loudly, isn’t it?

  1. Healthy lifestyle and finding my balance 
I think every single one of you have the same resolution in your list? This is something what I always wish for but it’s so hard to achieve.
  • Cook more 
I love cooking but there is always something why I try to avoid it. I’m always short of ideas what to cook and too lazy to find the new recipes. I also need to push myself to go food shopping as this is something I don’t like because of the crowded shopping centres. It doesn’t really make sense because I love to try the new recipes and cook amazing dishes. Also living in a big city I find it so hard to not order takeaway or just go out for food even though homemade food is always so much better. Maybe I should just call it ‘don’t be lazy’? Haha. 
  • Working out 
Ok. This is something I promise to myself every year. Well, maybe every month or every week… I have no idea how I need to get used to it. But I need to. I feel I just need someone to push me and keep me company; otherwise I will never do it.
  • Eating healthy and finding my balance 
I am the type of person who loves food. I cannot imagine my life without traditional Lithuanian food which is definitely not the healthiest option. I can’t say no to fast food as well. I just like to have variety. In the New Year I would like to keep myself on track and try to eat as healthy as I can but don’t forget about the other food as well. So it’s all just about finding the perfect balance. 
  • Spend more time outdoors 
Nowadays electronic rules the world. We spend so much time watching TV, on our laptops, with phones. It’s so rare when I just go outside to have a walk and see more. London is huge and I haven’t seen even half of it. I will try to go outside as much as possible. To see the world. Outside of our phones and laptops. 
      2.  Work hard and follow my dreams

The only way to be happy is to follow your dreams and do what you love to do. No one will give you the success just like that. You need to work hard and make it happen.
  •   Blog
I think you already realised what my dream job is. I want to work on my social media and would be able to do it as my full time job. I know is a loooooong long way to go but I know it will happen one day if I'm not gonna give up. In 2017 I want to work even more with my blog and make it much bigger than it is now.
  • YouTube
I already achieved half of this point. I wanted to start my YouTube channel for ages and finally I did it. You can find it here. Another half of this point is to work really hard on it and be satisfied of all the content I share. I know I can do it... :)
        3.  Don't be afraid of change

 I feel like this is one the easiest points to achieve this year. All of my life I was very shy girl with dreams. It's nothing wrong to be shy, of course, but you have to know that you will have the most boring life ever. I already changed a lot throughout the past years so it's not that hard anymore. I still feel a bit anxious when it comes to meeting new people and always try to avoid it which is not good, because I loose so many opportunities. I don't want to be scared to look different, show myself in the way I am and do whatever I love to do.

      4Be more organised

Sometimes I think that I am the most lazy person in the world. Most of the time I feel this way just because I want to do so much but don't know where to start and ending up not doing anything. "To do" list helping me so much though. I also write a notebook with all my thoughts and ideas. (This post is in my notebook as well... Haha)
  • Be more productive
The more you do- the more productive and happy you feel. I don't know if that's working for you, but for me it definitely is. I just need to push myself to start and I can do so much after! I want to push myself even more.
  •  Get up early
Ohhhh. This is the hardest thing ever. Does any of you know any tips how to get up early? Every time I manage to start my day early I feel so good, really energised and productive. But this is so rare. How to manage it? I need to find the answer this year!

    5Travel more

This point is in my list of resolutions every year. I don't know why I left it as one of the last because it's one of the most important one! Anyway, I feel like every year my desire to travel is bigger and bigger. I remember not long time ago my goal was to visit one country per year. Last year I managed to visit two. Now I wish to travel at least to three different countries this year. I'm sure I will.

That's it for today.
I hope you already have your list of resolutions. 
Good luck!



  1. These are great resolutions! It's nice you wrote them down so you have something to refer back to. Good luck achieving them all this year!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

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  3. I just found your blog and I love it! I love the resolution to travel more - I travelled a lot in 2016 and I think it is one of the most important things to do in life! x

    Phoebe's Diaries

  4. such a cool outfit and you look awesome as always.
    Hadasah ||


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