Monday, 28 November 2016

Revolution Flawless 2 palette

Hi everyone!
How was your weekend? My one was pretty busy as usual but no complains ok? Haha. Today I would like to share with you my first experience with Revolution Flawless 2 eyeshadow palette. I believe it’s one of the new products in this range because I haven’t seen it before… or possibly they just changed the packaging. Anyway, I haven’t tried anything from Revolution but heard a lot of good feedback about the eyeshadow palettes so thought it’s my turn to try it out.
So let’s start from the beginning. Packaging. I am not a fan of it. First of all, it looks very cheap (well it is cheap actually, but you don’t want it to look so…) and gets very dirty every time you touch it with your fingers. I would prefer it in matte or something similar. Also it is very hard to open and literally takes me at least few minutes to do so. I just leave it a bit open so I don’t need to waste my time next time.
Colours. So you have 32 different shades in the palette which is amazing! I don’t really like all the black and dark shades but I’m sure one day I’m gonna find where to use it. I love love love all the gold, brown and red shades. Recently I found out that all the red shades make my blue eyes pop out so I really enjoying it at the moment. You should try if you haven’t already!
Pigmentation. This is something I’m a bit confused about. Every time you swipe the eyeshadow with your finger it looks amazing. Super pigmented. When you use a brush is another story. Pigmentation is not the best and every time you try to blend it, it’s just losing the colour. So you need really build it up using a lot of eyeshadow.
As you may know I like to use some setting spray for my eyeshadows to get the most of the colour. I just spray some on the brush and use it straight away. However, with this Revolution palette it doesn’t work and eyeshadow creases really quickly. So always need to choose option one and build it up.
My top tips using this palette:
  1.          Apply your eyeshadow before the foundation. You’ll have a lot of pieces falling down so in this case you’re not going to waste the foundation.
  2.          Always always use the eyeshadow base or concealer before applying the colour and fix it with the powder. Otherwise it’s going to crease!
  3.           Blend it very carefully.
Price: £8
Overall. So let’s sum up. Comparing price and the product- it’s definitely worth to buy it as you get 32 beautiful eyeshadows. But it’s not something I would highly recommend to everyone. You can find better quality eyeshadows for the same price. Maybe it will be 3 instead of 32 but it’s not the quantity the most important, isn’t it?
Lots of kisses,

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