Sunday, 13 November 2016

My favourite instagram accounts

If I need to choose only one social media platform that definitely would be Instagram or Youtube and I could easily survive without using Facebook, Twitter or any other sites. To be honest I spend so much time just scrolling on Instagram or watching Youtube videos just to get inspiration for the day. In today's post I would like to share my favourite Instagram accounts at the moment just for you to see what I love and what you might love too...

Victoria from INTHEFROW
One of my favourite all time blogger. All pictures of her are just simply incredible and makes me work hard and move on!

Doug the pug from ITSDOUGTHEPUG
Usually I'm not the fan of animals with Instagram accounts but this dog!!! Haha. Every single picture just makes me smile.

Gabriele from GABRIELEGZ
My favourite Lithuanian blogger and biggest inspiration. She is just so beautiful and stylish. Go and give some love if you haven't already!

Saule from XSAULE
If I'm too lazy to move my butt she is the one to change it. Haha. Healthy food and post workout pictures just make me do more and be productive. Can I just add that she deserves much more followers?

And the last but definitely not least- Stefanie Giesinger. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen. My beauty icon, fashion inspiration and what not! Can I just be her please?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave your Instagram accounts in the comments bellow and let's be friends!
My Instagram- EZERSKYTE
See you very soon,

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