Thursday, 17 November 2016

I smell like strawberries

(This post is in collaboration with Body Boom Lithuania but all opinions are my own.)
I was never really taking care of my skin properly before. It's even a shame to remember how bad was the condition of my skin on the school days. The only thing I used to do was taking off my make-up with some kind of wet wipes and washing it with water. And I was so unconfident because of that. It was nothing else I wished, only nice and glowing skin. Funny because I wasn't doing anything to improve the condition. 
Now there is nothing more important than my skin. It's in the best condition than ever before and I'm not lying! I'm taking care of it as much as I can and use a lot of amazing products. As you may know (if you read my blog quite often you definitely know... haha) I love my Emma Hardie cleansing balm for removing my make-up. And I didn't expect it at all but I found one more amazing product which is in my skincare routine already! Body Boom Lithuania kindly sent me coffee scrub to try out. I chose strawberry flavour and couldn't be more happy. After I applied the scrub on my face I was literally smelling like strawberries. I left it for 10min to dry out before washing off. After feeling is just one of the best, and the most important thing- it's not drying out your skin at all. And of course- you still smell like strawberries for a while... Haha. I can't wait for tomorrow to get into shower and try it for all of my body!
If you want to smell like strawberries or coconut and take care of your skin properly- visit and get your Body Boomer. For keeping updated follow Body Boom on instagram- @bodyboom_lietuva.
Body Boom, you're my best friend already!

See you very soon,

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