Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Review: Urban Decay all nighter foundation

Another month- another foundation! I have to say I  go though foundations very quickly. 1-2 months and I'm done. This time I would like to review my new Urban Decay all nighter waterproof long-wear liquid foundation. As you can see I used already half of the bottle and I am ready to share with you my thoughts. Let's begin.
Price: £27 
All Nighter Liquid Foundation provides full coverage with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone. Get serious long-lasting wear and a blown-out effect you never thought was possible. Perfect for all-night affairs and other scandalous activities, our revolutionary formula is also comfortable enough to wear every day.
Packaging. Love it! I can really say this is the best foundation packaging I have ever seen! Bottle looks gorgeous and very expensive. But what I love the most is airless pump. This is a "must" for every foundation! It helps to get every last bit of the product so you don't waste anything! Also you can see through the bottle how much of foundation you still have left.
Colour. Compliments to Urban Decay for all of these shades! It has 24 different shades so I'm sure you'll find one for you as well. Mine is 2.0. Be careful when choosing the colour because after it oxidizes- gets darker. When I got my foundation I was scared that it's too light for me but after a few minutes it matched my skin skin tone perfectly. You can check how does it look here.
Make up sponge or brush? Sponge only! It's much easier to blend and foundation looks much more natural. With the brush you get very cakey effect and seems like you haven't finished applying it properly. In alternative way you can apply with a brush and blend it with a sponge after.
Overall. Even though I already finished half of the bottle of this foundation I still can't decide either I like it or not. I love the finished effect- my skin looks smooth, it covers all my redness and looks perfect... but not for a long time. I'm not sure if it's just not good for my skin but it is definitely not the long lasting foundation. For me it lasts maximum 4-5 hours and starts creasing afterwards. It's also too much matte for my liking and my skin gets dry very quickly even though I have quite oily skin.
I need to wear make up every day at work so it means that foundation for me should last at least 10 hours... This Urban Decay all nighter foundation unfortunately doesn't last for that long but it's perfect for going out, taking pictures or just going anywhere where you're not going to spend all day.
Am I going to buy it again? Probably not. I loved my Chanel foundation (you can read review here) much more than this one but I'm definitely going to use it until the last pump. I feel that this just might be wrong for my skin so you should give it a try.
Thank you for coming by!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Revolution Flawless 2 palette

Hi everyone!
How was your weekend? My one was pretty busy as usual but no complains ok? Haha. Today I would like to share with you my first experience with Revolution Flawless 2 eyeshadow palette. I believe it’s one of the new products in this range because I haven’t seen it before… or possibly they just changed the packaging. Anyway, I haven’t tried anything from Revolution but heard a lot of good feedback about the eyeshadow palettes so thought it’s my turn to try it out.
So let’s start from the beginning. Packaging. I am not a fan of it. First of all, it looks very cheap (well it is cheap actually, but you don’t want it to look so…) and gets very dirty every time you touch it with your fingers. I would prefer it in matte or something similar. Also it is very hard to open and literally takes me at least few minutes to do so. I just leave it a bit open so I don’t need to waste my time next time.
Colours. So you have 32 different shades in the palette which is amazing! I don’t really like all the black and dark shades but I’m sure one day I’m gonna find where to use it. I love love love all the gold, brown and red shades. Recently I found out that all the red shades make my blue eyes pop out so I really enjoying it at the moment. You should try if you haven’t already!
Pigmentation. This is something I’m a bit confused about. Every time you swipe the eyeshadow with your finger it looks amazing. Super pigmented. When you use a brush is another story. Pigmentation is not the best and every time you try to blend it, it’s just losing the colour. So you need really build it up using a lot of eyeshadow.
As you may know I like to use some setting spray for my eyeshadows to get the most of the colour. I just spray some on the brush and use it straight away. However, with this Revolution palette it doesn’t work and eyeshadow creases really quickly. So always need to choose option one and build it up.
My top tips using this palette:
  1.          Apply your eyeshadow before the foundation. You’ll have a lot of pieces falling down so in this case you’re not going to waste the foundation.
  2.          Always always use the eyeshadow base or concealer before applying the colour and fix it with the powder. Otherwise it’s going to crease!
  3.           Blend it very carefully.
Price: £8
Overall. So let’s sum up. Comparing price and the product- it’s definitely worth to buy it as you get 32 beautiful eyeshadows. But it’s not something I would highly recommend to everyone. You can find better quality eyeshadows for the same price. Maybe it will be 3 instead of 32 but it’s not the quantity the most important, isn’t it?
Lots of kisses,

Friday, 18 November 2016

Night out make-up look

I hope you are excited for the weekend! It's Friday today! If any of you wondering why I always post in the middle of the night it's just because I am so busy working... So the only time I can work with my blog is either my days off or either nights... Haha. So I try my best to keep you guys updated. :) 
As it's almost weekend I decided to share with you my night out make-up look. I hope it will inspire you for your Saturday night out.
Most of the products I used you can find in "Shop my make-up". So let's start!
So before I started my make-up I scrubbed my face with Body Boom coffee scrub in strawberry flavour. If you would like to read my review on this product you can do it here . It's definitely not necessary to use this scrub before applying your make-up! I just wanted my skin to look more fresh and glowing.
It's time to moisturize your skin. I used Nip+ Fab hydrate dragon's blood fix plumping serum. And some Carmex for my lips to make it more soft and plump.
For the foundation used my new Urban Decay all nighter waterproof longwear liquid foundation. It might look a bit too light for me but it oxidizes after a few minutes so it's all good. I used my Real Techniques make-up sponge to apply.
As my foundation gave full coverage to my skin I didn't use any concealer just because I didn't really have any redness to cover. If you feel that you need it- feel free to use it. 
So let's move forward. For contouring my face I used one of my favourite palettes at the moment- Beautifully defined by Tanya Burr- and applied bronzer in colour Caramel kiss.
For my eyebrows as always as I was using my Inglot brow liner gel in 14 and NYX tinted brow mascara in Brunette.
For my eyelids I used the same palette by Tanya Burr and mixed two colours- Silk pyjamas and Cuddle me. I always always spray some NYX setting spray on my eye-shadow brush so I can get the most of the colour. For my eyelashes usually I put some fake ones but this time I didn't have any so only applied some mascara. Used one of my favourite at the moment- False lash sculpt by Loreal. And it all makes such a big difference to my face isn't it?
For the highlighter I used my biggest love- Christian Dior Diorskin nude air luminizer.
And for my lips- again Tanya Burr cosmetics. This one is in colour happily ever after. For the last step I just sprayed NYX matte finish setting spray all over my face and this is it! I am ready to go!
After taking all of these pictures I realised that my hair is a big mess and I need to sort it out. But when I look now I kinda like it messier. Haha.
Sending you a kiss!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

I smell like strawberries

(This post is in collaboration with Body Boom Lithuania but all opinions are my own.)
I was never really taking care of my skin properly before. It's even a shame to remember how bad was the condition of my skin on the school days. The only thing I used to do was taking off my make-up with some kind of wet wipes and washing it with water. And I was so unconfident because of that. It was nothing else I wished, only nice and glowing skin. Funny because I wasn't doing anything to improve the condition. 
Now there is nothing more important than my skin. It's in the best condition than ever before and I'm not lying! I'm taking care of it as much as I can and use a lot of amazing products. As you may know (if you read my blog quite often you definitely know... haha) I love my Emma Hardie cleansing balm for removing my make-up. And I didn't expect it at all but I found one more amazing product which is in my skincare routine already! Body Boom Lithuania kindly sent me coffee scrub to try out. I chose strawberry flavour and couldn't be more happy. After I applied the scrub on my face I was literally smelling like strawberries. I left it for 10min to dry out before washing off. After feeling is just one of the best, and the most important thing- it's not drying out your skin at all. And of course- you still smell like strawberries for a while... Haha. I can't wait for tomorrow to get into shower and try it for all of my body!
If you want to smell like strawberries or coconut and take care of your skin properly- visit www.bodyboom.lt and get your Body Boomer. For keeping updated follow Body Boom on instagram- @bodyboom_lietuva.
Body Boom, you're my best friend already!

See you very soon,

Monday, 14 November 2016

2016 autumn top 7 beauty products

Hello lovelies!
I hope you enjoy my new looking blog! In my opinion it looks much more professional, organized and easy to use! There is a new button "About" where you can read a short bio about me. I also created "Shop my make-up" for you to find all my favourite products I use. Hopefully it will help!
Talking about my favourites again... I would like to share my top 7 beauty products I enjoyed the most this autumn. There is another autumn beauty favourites post I made last year so if you're interested you can check it here .
Most of my listed products you can find and shop in "Shop my make-up" category. Let's get started.
Nip+ Fab Hydrate Dragon's blood fix plumping serum
I just simply love this lightweight serum by Nip+ Fab. This is the first time I use something from this brand and it didn't disappoint me. I apply it after washing my face and it feels so fresh and hydrated. On the bottle it says that you need to apply some moisturiser on top of this serum but I don't really do that. My skin is quite oily so I don't like to make it too much. Serum itself is just amazing and it's not drying at all. Love it!
Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm
You already know my love for this cleansing balm! If not please click here and read my review about this product. This is literally the best product I've ever used to remove my make-up! The bottle is getting emptier and emptier every day so it's time to purchase some more. Haha. I'm also thinking to try "The body shop" one and compare with Emma Hardie. I'll let you know of course! 
Jimmy Choo Parfum Vaporisateur- Natural spray
Ok, finally it's time to talk about the perfume. I never was a fan of it but few months ago I decided to get my first ever high end scent. I'm the biggest fan of sweet scents and this one is just perfect. Sweet but not too sweet and not fruity which makes it even more special. I don't want to get bored of it so don't use it every day, only for special occasions or going out.
NYX tinted brow mascara in brunette
Just simply good. I use it every single day for filling in and fixing my brows. Nothing really special but at the same time amazing for every day use.
Chanel Vitalumiere aqua ultra- light skin perfecting makeup foundation
I know I know! My opinion wasn't the best about this foundation- you can read it here. But I am absolutely loving it now! Maybe I just got used to it... It is really light coverage foundation so if my skin is not in the best condition on the day I just use more concealer. Skin doesn't get cakey even after 12hrs wearing it! I got the new Urban Decay foundation as this one is almost finished but it's so hard to change it... Let's see how it goes!
Christian Dior Nude air luminizer in 001
I got this highlighter for my birthday as a present from myself. Haha. And it's just sooooo good. I love the glow on my face and always get compliments when I'm wearing this Dior highlighter.
Tanya Burr beautifully defined set
I love Tanya Burr and her products. This one is not exception. This beautiful set from Christmas collection includes 3 eye shadows, bronzer, highlighter and liquid highlighter. I mostly enjoy using eye shadows and bronzer. To get the best colour from the eye shadows I use setting spray and it just looks gorgeous. Highlighters are not my favourites because it doesn't give that much glow and you know I love a lot of it... But I really enjoy using liquid highlighter just mixing up with my foundation. It gives natural glow to the skin and looks so beautiful.
So there are all of my favourite 2016 autumn beauty products. Let me know if you love any of these as well!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

My favourite instagram accounts

If I need to choose only one social media platform that definitely would be Instagram or Youtube and I could easily survive without using Facebook, Twitter or any other sites. To be honest I spend so much time just scrolling on Instagram or watching Youtube videos just to get inspiration for the day. In today's post I would like to share my favourite Instagram accounts at the moment just for you to see what I love and what you might love too...

Victoria from INTHEFROW
One of my favourite all time blogger. All pictures of her are just simply incredible and makes me work hard and move on!

Doug the pug from ITSDOUGTHEPUG
Usually I'm not the fan of animals with Instagram accounts but this dog!!! Haha. Every single picture just makes me smile.

Gabriele from GABRIELEGZ
My favourite Lithuanian blogger and biggest inspiration. She is just so beautiful and stylish. Go and give some love if you haven't already!

Saule from XSAULE
If I'm too lazy to move my butt she is the one to change it. Haha. Healthy food and post workout pictures just make me do more and be productive. Can I just add that she deserves much more followers?

And the last but definitely not least- Stefanie Giesinger. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen. My beauty icon, fashion inspiration and what not! Can I just be her please?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave your Instagram accounts in the comments bellow and let's be friends!
My Instagram- EZERSKYTE
See you very soon,
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