Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Harley Quinn Halloween make-up

Hey guys!
As you may noticed I'm a bit obsessed with Halloween... haha. One more post here! This time I thought I'll make a small Halloween make-up tutorial. I know that this Harley Quinn look will be go-to this year so I decided to recreate as it might be helpfull for some of you. I loved the Suicide Squad and Harley especially. If you'll be going to Halloween party with you boyfriend or male friend you can create Harley Quinn and Joker look which would be so cool! Just follow these steps and you will have a perfect look. You don't need to be a make-up artist as it's super easy and takes only about 30 min! Let's go!
For the foundation you need to use the lightest shade you have. I didn't have any light ones and didn't want to buy a new one as I probably not gonna use it again. So I used my favorite Collection Lasting perfection concealer in shade 1 (fair). Apply it all over your face. Fix it with loose powder and apply some lip balm on your lips to make it softer.
Collection Lasting perfection concealer 01
Max Factor loose powder
Carmex Strawberry lip balm
For my eyebrows I was using Inglot brow liner gel as always and NYX tinted brow mascara. Eyeliner is the most important thing creating this look. I was using Maybelline master ink matte. Don't worry about the perfect eyeliner because we need to create that messy look. I used a small brush just to blend it on the sides.
Inglot brow liner gel in 14.
NYX tinted brow mascara in 03 brunette.
My favorite part now- eyeshadow. You need any red and blue eyeshadow. I couldn't find the right colours in the Boots so just ordered on Ebay. These are loose eyeshadows- to make it easier to work I sprayed some Nyx setting spray on my brush and then applied. Works perfectly.
Starry Eyes by Laval in 20 (red) and 02 (blue).
And now you just use the same eyeliner again for a heart and "ROTTEN". I feel that it doesn't matter on which side of your face you paint that as I checked few Harley pictures and saw it on different sides. So feel free to choose your better side.. haha.
And the last step- lips. You are going to need any red lipstick.
I was using KIKO Smart lip pencil in 703 and Technic Colour max matte lipstick in Rouge a levres. Don't forget to spray some setting spray all over your face and you're done!!
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and if you would like more- please leave a comment bellow! It means a lot to me!
Thank you for coming and see you very soon,


  1. Harley Quinn's costume is so popular... Love the make up


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