Thursday, 29 September 2016

Rainy London

From sunny Tenerife to rainy London. But I don't have what to complain about. Spent few days with my family strolling in the city and had so much fun. Time to come back to reality now... Leaving for work in the next half an hour!! Haha... I'll try to stay focused on the blog anyway so at least one post per week is promised!
My outfit: 
Dress- Nunu
Jacket- New look
Sunglasses- River Island
Bag- Zara
Bandana- Ebay
 My first Chinese fine dining experience at HKK.
 Favourite dish out of 10! Spiny lobster and pumpkin soup.

Shard. Drinks. Stunning view.

See you soon,


Monday, 26 September 2016

Tenerife: days 6 & 7

Hey everyone!
My last blog post from Tenerife is finally here. Sorry for the delay, I just wanted to fully relax on my last days and wifi at the hotel really sucks! Back to London now and weather is not as bad as I expected haha... I still have few days off work and my mum with sister are here for a couple of days so we're going to explore London. Hopefully one more blog post coming soon...
And now let's just enjoy the last sunny pictures from beautiful Tenerife...

Top- Zara
White dress underneath- Primark
Shoes- Primark
Bag- Zara
Sunglasses- Ebay

Have a sunny week!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Tenerife: day 5 at Loro parque

Another beautiful day in Tenerife. We visited Loro Parque today. If you translate it to English- Park of parrots. But not only parrots here, it's more like a zoo with tigers, gorillas and lots of water animals. When you come inside you get a map and a timetable with lots of live shows. You can plan your time (even though you have all day there so no need to rush) and walk around however you like. We decided to see all live shows first which was the most exciting time for me.
The first one- Loro show or show of parrots.
We decided to go to dolphins show afterwards. It was so good and made me cry. Can't even explain why, maybe because it makes me think that the world is so big with millions of amazing creatures and I feel so happy to be able to see that.

 Orca show. Loved it so much and at least we didn't get wet as most of the people did!

Last one- Sea lions show.
After all the shows we went to discover the park which was so big with lots of parrots (more than 4,000) around. We got to see penguins, flamingos, fishes... I coudn't take so many pictures as most of the animals were in the cages and was impossible to get a good shot. But I hope you still enjoy it!

Love this "I don't care" face...haha.

My today's outfit was inspired by my friend Sonata, one of the biggest style inpiration. I always ask her advice when it comes to clothes... haha. And she always wears big t-shirt style dresses like this which I think made me buy this one. I'm not sure I would be that brave to wear it in the city but for a hot day with a bikini underneath it's amazing and super comfortable.
Dress- Bershka
Shoes- Primark
Bandana- Ebay (inspired by Stefanie Giesinger)
Bag- Zara
Glasses- Primark

P.S. Something is wrong with my snapchat as I can't post anything... Sorry for that.

Have a good Friday!
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