Wednesday, 2 December 2015

New hair

Happy December everyone! Today is the day when my hair is finally done. So exciting! :)) As you might know, about month ago I decided to change my hair color. I love blonde hair so much but all the time I was too scared about myself. I'm a natural brunette and I know how difficult is to change the color... But one day I woke up and decided that I need to change something because I wasn't happy about myself anymore. As one of my friend said: if women wants to change something in her life, she gonna change her hair first... Same story. :)
I visited professional hair salon twice. Week ago my hair has been bleached and today I got the color I asked for. I would say now is more grey than blonde color but this is what I want. Do I like it? Yes but I feel that I need to get used to it.. Every time I look to the mirror I get scared because I keep forgeting that I'm blondie now. :))
Also in different lighting my hair looks different. Winter time...
I got few hair products in my hair salon as well. Hair shampoo, conditioner and diamond oil. I tried only hair oil and it's amazing, so hopefully other two products will be as good as oil. Conditioner is so cool, you need to turn bottle head after every week and it automatically gives you an amount you need to keep your hair color as long as possible.
So that's it for my blog post today. Let me know what do you think about my new hair color. Maybe I should come back to brunette??!


  1. Kiek tau kainavo? As ziauriai noreciau bet labai bijau! Ziauriai graziai atrodo!

    1. Uz viska apie 180svaru, buvau profesionalioje studijoje :) As irgi labai bijojau, bet tikrai nesigailiu :)

  2. We love your blonde, it's such a pretty colour and it suits you very well!

    ISA Professional


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