Monday, 2 November 2015

October 2015 empties: Products I've used up

I haven't write beauty related post in a while so it's about the time now. Decided to show you my empties- products I've used up recently. Hope you will be interested in. :))
Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo in "Honey treasures".
I like everything about this shampoo- smells amazing, my hair feel very soft after every wash. For now I want to try some other shampoos but one day I will come back to this one definitely.
Batiste Dry shampoo in "sugar melon & honeysuckle" (limited edition) and "coconut & exotic".
I think you know my love for dry shampoos. I don't really remember which scent was better but I liked both of them. Already got two more! Good job Batiste!
Simple limited edition facial wipes.
I don't really feel the difference between all facial wipes that I use. All of them are same for me. I am buying different wipes all the time and trying to find something special. These Simple are ok and I would buy it again.
Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser and anti-blemish solutions cleansing gel.
Clinique products are a bit more expensive than some others so I'm always expect a lot. Cleansing gel was ok, but nothing special and I feel it did nothing to my skin. I don't think that I ever buy this again. But the cleanser was really good! I believe it's travel size because I got it from Clinique as a gift then I bought other products. It's very refreshing, skin feels so soft after every time I use it. Need to purchase it again in full size bottle.
Triple active night hydrating cream by L'oreal Paris.
One of the best night cream I've ever used. Really. Got this one long time ago in Lithuania so hopefully I will be able to find here in London as well. Every morning then I wake up my skin feels moisturised and extremely fresh. Love it.
CHI silk infusion for hair & skin and uniKe hair oil.
Year ago I didn't even have any hair oil in my house and now I can't imagine how I did survive without it... :D UniKe hair oil I got from hair stylist in Lithuania and after that I obsessed with hair oils. CHI silk infusion was ok but I prefer uniKe one. I'm using another oil for my hair already from different brand but if I will find to buy uniKe- I will purchase it again.
Gosh, Rimmel scandaleyes, Bourjois, MUA, Prestige eyeliners...
I'm not really eyeliner person. Sometimes I use it everyday for a whole month, sometimes I don't use it at all for a year. It really depends from my mood. What can I say about all these eyeliners? I used up only Prestige and Gosh one. The rest I just need to throw it away because I don't use it at all. Brown Gosh eyeliner perfectly goes with nude eyeshadows... Prestige is just one of the best black eyeliners I have ever used. I need to purchase good eyeliner now. Any suggestions???
And that's everything from me today. I hope it was interesting and helpful to you. I'm coming back with another blog post soon...

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