Friday, 27 November 2015

2015 autumn top 7 beauty products

Hi everyone,
I'm back with another beauty related post! Time flies! Seems like few days ago I posted my 2015 summer top 7 beauty products and now it is a time for another one. Autumn is almost gone and I want to show you products which I was using almost every day during autumn time. Let's get started!
Tanya Burr cosmetics perfect brows palette 
As you all know I love Tanya and I always want to try products from her range. This perfect brows palette changed my Benefit one and I'm so in love with it. I love that there are 3 different colors for your eyebrows and with this palette you can really make them perfect. You have a highlighter as well! So handy.
Uoga uoga Aksomine oda face cream
I got this face cream when I was in Lithuania. Never tried Uoga uoga before so can't tell you my proper opinion about their products but this one is amazing. Firstly, I just love the scent of grapefruit! This natural face cream is for oily and sensitive skin as mine, so after every time I use it I can feel that my skin feels much more fresh and light. Love it.
Catrice lipstick in 050 Coffee and Cream
About this lipstick I talk everywhere. On my instagram, blog. I wear it every day as well. So not really that much to say about it. Just amazing.
Catrice camouflage cream in 010 Ivory
One more Catrice product. This is my discovery of the year!!! I don't use any other concealer for redness on my face. This full coverage cream is my number one. It's such a shame that we don't have Catrice in London (or maybe I don't know?????) so I really need ask my sister to get one more for me.
Benefit they're real! tinted primer
If you remember I told you before that I can't see any difference between using it and not. I AM SORRY. I lied. After one week of using this primer every day I decided don't waste my time and put only mascara on my eyelashes. Without using it my eyelashes aren't as long!!! This stuff is amazing...
John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing oil elixir
I use this oil every time when I wash my hair. I like to put it on when my hair are still wet and a little bit when get dry. After using it I can really say that my hair are more soft and silky. Now I need to use it even more because I turned to blonde and my hair got very dry. I'm sure this will really help.
Tanya Burr cosmetics peachy glow cheek palette
Last one but not least!! Everyone is talking about how amazing this palette is... And I can just agree. Because it is really good!  If you didn't try yet, you deffinitely need to! Colors are so beautiful and pigmented. I don't use any more my MAC bronzer and Essence highlighter because this palette has everything what you need.

This is it for my autumn favourites, I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you like any of these products. :) And hopefully I will find even more amazing products on winter time. Love you all.
See you soon,

Monday, 23 November 2015


Dress- Nunu
Tights- Primark
Long boots- Oasis 
Ballerinas shoes- Kurt Geiger (It's a shoe thing)
Watch- Daniel Wellington
Bracelet- Gift from Nepal

Photo credit- It's a shoe thing

P.S. Excuse my hair color. Will be some changes in few days so hopefully it will look better!! :))
See you soon,

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My lipstick collection: 2015

I am not really into lipsticks and I need very special occasion if I want to wear bright color. I feel that I'm not brave enough... That's why my lipstick collection consists almost only nude colors which I use every day. 19 different lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners!
1. Rimmel London vinyl jelly gloss lip liner in 009 HOT SPARK
2. Rimmel London vinyl jelly gloss lip liner in 010 TASTY
3. Rimmel London vinyl jelly gloss lip liner in 008 CHOCCIE
4. Rimmel London vinyl jelly gloss lip liner in 005 SUCCULENT
5. Tanya Burr in AFTERNOON TEA
6. Tanya Burr in CHAMPAGNE TOAST
7. Maybelline Baby Lips in PINK SHOCK
8. Zoella kissy missy lip balm
9. Barry M Extreme lip colour LOUD MOUTH
10. Clinique pop in NUDE POP
11. Modelsown in PASSIONATE KISS
12. Essence in 03 COME NATURALLY
13. Maybelline in 430 CORAL AMBITION
14. Essence in 07 NATURAL BEAUTY
15. Essence in 13 LOVE ME
16. MAC in A51 GLAZE HUE
17. Catrice in 050 COFFEE & CREAM
18. Clinique chubby stick in 06 ROOMIEST ROSE

Friday, 13 November 2015

Still autumn: Pagoda, Starbucks & messy hair (don't care)

Top- Bershka
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Nike (second hand)(only 50p!!!)
Jacket- Zara
Watch- Daniel Wellington
Bracelet- Gift from Nepal


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Free make-up products: December

Books are my passion but I love reading magazines as well. This month I got quite a lot and decided to write a post about free make up products which you get when you buy a magazine. I really enjoy trying new stuff. So let's get started.
(Just let you know that it will be my first impressions about these products. I didn't use it enough to give you my proper opinion.)
Elemis smooth cream exfoliator & skin radiance flash balm (Together worth 22,50£)
Papaya Enzyme Peel basically is like a mask. You need to apply to cleansed skin, leave for 10-15 minutes and remove with lukewarm water. (I didn't try it yet) Pro-radiance illuminating flash balm is a moisturiser but you can use it as a make-up primer. I used it once, scent is not the nicest to be honest, but skin feels so soft and fresh afterwards. I think I like it. :))
Benefit They're real! tinted primer
I heard a lot of good things about Benefit mascara so my expectations for this primer are very high. I used it few times already but can't really say yet if I can feel any difference between using it or not.
Eyeko black magic mascara
I don't like it! Used it only once, I was working that day and I was going to check my make-up every hour because mascara was falling down on my face. Very disappointed.
Clinique high impact mascara
I used to have Clinique mascara before, not sure if it's exactly same one, but I really like it. Maybe the brush is not my favourite but I will use it up definitely.
Clinique pop in Nude pop
The best product of all these freebies. Love it love it love it! And wearing it almost every day...

So that's all of my December freebies. I think I might write another post next month because it's such a good feeling to get some goodies... Haha.:)) See you in my next post very soon,

P.S. Check my instagram @ezerskyte for more photos of my life and make-up :))

Monday, 2 November 2015

October 2015 empties: Products I've used up

I haven't write beauty related post in a while so it's about the time now. Decided to show you my empties- products I've used up recently. Hope you will be interested in. :))
Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo in "Honey treasures".
I like everything about this shampoo- smells amazing, my hair feel very soft after every wash. For now I want to try some other shampoos but one day I will come back to this one definitely.
Batiste Dry shampoo in "sugar melon & honeysuckle" (limited edition) and "coconut & exotic".
I think you know my love for dry shampoos. I don't really remember which scent was better but I liked both of them. Already got two more! Good job Batiste!
Simple limited edition facial wipes.
I don't really feel the difference between all facial wipes that I use. All of them are same for me. I am buying different wipes all the time and trying to find something special. These Simple are ok and I would buy it again.
Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser and anti-blemish solutions cleansing gel.
Clinique products are a bit more expensive than some others so I'm always expect a lot. Cleansing gel was ok, but nothing special and I feel it did nothing to my skin. I don't think that I ever buy this again. But the cleanser was really good! I believe it's travel size because I got it from Clinique as a gift then I bought other products. It's very refreshing, skin feels so soft after every time I use it. Need to purchase it again in full size bottle.
Triple active night hydrating cream by L'oreal Paris.
One of the best night cream I've ever used. Really. Got this one long time ago in Lithuania so hopefully I will be able to find here in London as well. Every morning then I wake up my skin feels moisturised and extremely fresh. Love it.
CHI silk infusion for hair & skin and uniKe hair oil.
Year ago I didn't even have any hair oil in my house and now I can't imagine how I did survive without it... :D UniKe hair oil I got from hair stylist in Lithuania and after that I obsessed with hair oils. CHI silk infusion was ok but I prefer uniKe one. I'm using another oil for my hair already from different brand but if I will find to buy uniKe- I will purchase it again.
Gosh, Rimmel scandaleyes, Bourjois, MUA, Prestige eyeliners...
I'm not really eyeliner person. Sometimes I use it everyday for a whole month, sometimes I don't use it at all for a year. It really depends from my mood. What can I say about all these eyeliners? I used up only Prestige and Gosh one. The rest I just need to throw it away because I don't use it at all. Brown Gosh eyeliner perfectly goes with nude eyeshadows... Prestige is just one of the best black eyeliners I have ever used. I need to purchase good eyeliner now. Any suggestions???
And that's everything from me today. I hope it was interesting and helpful to you. I'm coming back with another blog post soon...
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