Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What is in my bag? Holidays edition

Hi everyone!
I hope you all well. As some of you know I am on holidays in Lithuania right now so I can spend a lot more time for my blog. Also I got a new bag from Zara few days ago (29,99£). Size is just amazing! Not too big and not too small- perfect for holidays just hanging around. So I decided to show you what I have in my bag. Let's get started.
P.S. As you can see my cat is loving this bag as well. :))))
Wallet - Aldo - Got it few months ago and still love it.
Sunglasses - River Island - Essential on sunny days.
Phone- Iphone 6s - The only one thing without I can't leave my house. 
House key - New Look (not sure).
Earphones - Apple - Traveling essential.
Zoella lip balm - Superdrug - Perfect when I need lip balm with a bit of color.
Lip butter - Nivea - Just amazing.
Soo glow! highlighter - Essence - Can't imagine my make up without highligher anymore. So handy to have one in my bag and do some touch up whenever I need it.
Lipstick in 07 Natural beauty - Essence - Amazing nude lipstick for every day make up.
Tic tac in cherry cola - When I need something sweet.
That's everything for my post today. I hope it was interesting to you. I will come back next day with another blog post.
See you soon,


  1. your bag is so cute! i need to get the iphone 6s asap

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. Iv'e actually wanted to try the essence highlighter for a while now but every time I go to buy it, there's no stock left :( Great post! Xx
    The Style Icon


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