Monday, 12 October 2015

Beautiful Lithuania: Laju takas

Hey guys,
How are you? I'm having nice holiday in Lithuania right now. This blog post will be a bit different from others just because it's inspired by traveling. But I hope it still will be interesting to you, especially for my not lithuanian readers. Yesterday me and friends of mine had a nice trip by car. We visited quite a few famous lithuanian places and I have tons of pictures so I decided to write 2 posts about it and don't make it too long. Let's get started. :)
First place we went was the most interesting for us. Basically just because of this place we decided to went for a trip. It's "Laju takas". Not sure how to translate in english but it's like canopy walkway. "Laju takas" made this year (2015) so this place is very full of tourists and everyone is talking about it. I was expecting something more exciting but I am not really disappointed. "Laju takas" is 300 metres long and in the end you can go up in to 34 metres tall 'tower' with amazing view. Nearby you can easily find stone of Puntukas which is one of the biggest stone in Lithuania. Also you can buy some lithuanian food, tea coffee or hot wine. Just to not be cold. :)
I'm wearing:
Jumper- Zara
Jacket- old and don't know from where
Scarf- Dorothy Perkins
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Got last year, I think Oasis but not sure
Bag- Zara
I am coming back soon with another blog post.
Have a nice day,

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